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 Trusted Rank: Guideline

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PostSubject: Trusted Rank: Guideline   Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:27 pm

Trusted Rank

Copy the format below and Create a topic here.
Topic Title: Trusted Rank (Player Name)


[b][i]Server Name:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Other Names Known as:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Current Level:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Ever been banned on XR?:[/i][/b]
[b][i]If Yes, Explain situation:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Are you a constant offender?:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Why should we give you Trusted Rank:[/i][/b]

Example: here.
Posting on this Topic will show you Didn't read the Guideline, and will Result in your Request being Denied.
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Trusted Rank: Guideline
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