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 Admin Application

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PostSubject: Admin Application    Admin Application  EmptyWed Sep 07, 2011 10:29 pm

I know this is for Forum Moderator but I have no idea where else I could put this.

Name: [VLA]Egypt
Other Servers: RPG-freeroam
Ever been an admin before?: Yes
If so where: RPG-Freeroam
Banned?: Yes
If so why?: PunkBuster but I don't have hacks nor do I hack.
What gang are you in: [VLA]
Are you a constant bother/ cause problems in the server: I do not hear people complain so I guess not?
Why do you think you deserve admin: I believe I deserve admin because I do not like it when people hack or cause problems and I try to resolve a problem even if i am not an admin but my helpfullness is limited since I can not kick/ban hackers. I am on when other admins are not usually on which is good since my timezone is different than some of you. I will not abuse my power, I don't cause problems in the server, and I am trustworthy since I have people who I can refer you to.
People who would agree that I am trustworthy/up for the job: Driver, Pyro, DFA.

Thank you for your time and I do apologize that I made up these questions since I couldn't find a proper format.
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PostSubject: Re: Admin Application    Admin Application  EmptyThu Sep 08, 2011 7:01 pm

Sorry Egypt, you didnt read the guideline nor followed the rules.


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Admin Application
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