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 Team Application LayZiie

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PostSubject: Team Application LayZiie   Team Application LayZiie EmptyThu Sep 08, 2011 12:32 am

Basic Info:
Your name:Dashon
Your Age:17
Where do you Live:Atlanta,Georgia
Server name:LayZiie
Current server level:43
Sa-Mp Experience:5 years
Other servers played:rpg-freeroam,pug's,gamer-x,redgies,littlewhitey's

Why do you want to be part of the Team?: I like helping people.. and making sa-mp enjoyable...I want optimal freeroam to be one of the best and funnest sa-mp servers...
Have you ever been an Admin/Moderator? Where?: Yes...on pugs rpg i was a moderator..
Explain a time when you went out of your way, for a player: I helped a person who was new to sa-mp..showed him how to get money from missions how to buy houses and businesses and how to work the commands and how to get his level's up.. took awhile had to show him the fundamentals and basics of san andreas..
Define Team work: work performed by a team towards a common goal.

[Day][Times(EST -5)]
Sunday: 9am-12pm
Monday: 4pm - 12pm
Tuesday: 4pm - 12pm
Wednesday: 4pm - 12pm
Thursday: 4pm - 12pm
Friday: 4pm - 5am
Saturday: 9am - 5am
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Team Application LayZiie
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